The Mosaic tile of toilet how to pack toilet Mosaic tiles size


Mosaic is a kind of ceramic tile, be used to decorate in toilet normally on. About the installation of toilet Mosaic tiles believe that a lot of people are not clear, the following and Xiaobian together to see how to install the toilet Mosaic tiles, by the way, how to clean the toilet Mosaic tiles and toilet Mosaic tile size, interested friends see together.
One, how should the Mosaic ceramic tile of toilet be installed
1. Brush glue
How should the Mosaic ceramic tile of toilet be installed? About the installation of ceramic tile of toilet Mosaic, it is to brush glue above all. First the glue daub on the wall, with a smooth knife will glue evenly daub. In general, the thickness of the glue is about 20 mm. , mixing adhesive slurry should be controlled within 2-3 hours.
After applying the glue according to the drawing, align the stitching to the gaps. Inlay the Mosaic tightly with a knife or putty knife. Or use a flat thick wooden board to place it on the surface of a Mosaic tile and beat it evenly with a rubber hammer to ensure a firm stick. Since each small piece of Mosaic tile is secured with a net, it seeps into each of the fine nets when it is attached to the wall to achieve a fixed effect.
2, check the
After spreading the mosaics of a certain range, check the shop surface. The gaps between the bricks must be defined as uniform widths.
3, tick off seam,
After the check is complete and the water has dried properly and has an initial strength, begin the joint process, prepare the required joint sealant and pour the joint sealant into the Mosaic gap with a plastering knife.
Note: the area of the rubber scraper should not exceed 2 square meters. The sealant is evenly applied to the surface of the Mosaic to ensure that all mortar joints are fully filled and there is no excess residue. Care should be taken when caulking. After caulking 20-25mm with wet cloth, gently wipe the Mosaic surface of caulking agent dry.
Two, how does the Mosaic ceramic tile of toilet clean
1, how to clean the Mosaic tile of the toilet? Toilet Mosaic ceramic tile can be cleaned with clear water directly, or it is to buy professional cleaner to undertake cleaning. If toilet Mosaic ceramic tile is dirty later, can use cleaner to add water to wipe. If it is on the wall, brush and then rinse with water, brush directly.
2, you can also use water and good absorbent cotton cloth to wipe clean. Additional, still can use neuter brighten agent will brush, maintain brightness.
3, or is to find a dust, specifically used for cleaning doors and Windows and the like clean towel, with a small amount of water wet towel wipe the need to clean the Mosaic tile. The steel wire ball that takes cleaner begins to wipe on the Mosaic ceramic tile that has been hit wet with cleaning agent, wipe with spray water to spray on the Mosaic ceramic tile with spray kettle at the same time. After the wire ball is wiped, wipe it at least 3 times with a wrung out wet towel. Choose a dry towel finally, brush whole metope again can.
Three, toilet Mosaic ceramic tile size
Ceramic tile of toilet Mosaic has two kinds commonly, it is vitreous Mosaic and ceramic Mosaic respectively, between different material is qualitative, dimension of ceramic tile of toilet Mosaic is different, it is the dimension of vitreous Mosaic and ceramic Mosaic ceramic tile is introduced in detail below.
1. Glass Mosaic
(1) the material of Mosaic ceramic tile is divided into many kinds, such as glass Mosaic ceramic tile, ceramic Mosaic ceramic tile, metal Mosaic ceramic tile, and shell Mosaic ceramic tile, etc., different material, the corresponding size is not the same.
(2) Glass Mosaic tiles have stable performance and a wide range of use. They are roughly divided into 20X20cm, 30X30cm, 40X40cm and other styles. The thickness of these sizes of ceramic tiles is the same, about 4-6mm, which is suitable for family bathrooms or swimming pools.
2. Ceramic Mosaic
(1) ceramic Mosaic tile is very common, suitable for classical decoration style, most of the use in the toilet, has a very good decorative effect, and its anti-skid performance is very high, more popular with users.
(2) Ceramic Mosaic tile size is also divided into many kinds, big and small, respectively, there are 25X25cm, 45X45cm, 100X100cm, these are more conventional ceramic tile size.
(3) It also has some less common sizes, such as 45X95cm, 285X285cm, 300X300cm, or 318X318cm. These sizes are too large to conform to the routine, and are less used.