What material does metope decorate not know to use?


Want to make the space become quite lively, want to affixed the label of individual character fashion for the home... Choose seamless wall cloth, big white wall also can have administrative level feeling.
Seamless wall cloth belongs to one of interior decoration materials, it is a kind of front is woven cloth, raw material has chemical fiber, flax, cotton and hemp to blend, the back adds the metope adornment material of nonwoven bottom cloth.
Shell Mosaic has been the popular in the decoration, not only can decorate, more have the following advantages:

Quiet natural

To the office worker that busy a day outside, make quiet and comfortable living environment with wall cloth is very important. The seamless wall cloth always has a quiet power, sending out a quiet and soft feeling, while creating a quiet and comfortable living environment for you.

Green health

Green health has become the focus of today's decoration and decoration. Wall cloth cloth as a multi-functional wall cloth, soft bag surface, because the cloth is used as a window decoration, clothing material, so environmental protection is not a problem.

Fashion and personality

Shell Mosaic is not only a decorative cloth pasted on the wall, but also a kind of space aesthetics! Most of the wall cloth covers Chinese style, simple, cartoon, rural, modern and other types of flowers, can be skillfully applicable to bedroom, dining room, living room, study, children's room and other places. No matter what kind of household atmosphere you want, you can find that you love in wall cloth.