Introduction of Mosaic tiles:


Mosaic ceramic tile (Mosaic), architectural professional term for Mosaic brick, is divided into ceramic Mosaic and glass Mosaic brick two kinds.  It is an art deco tile, usually made of small stones or pieces of colored glass in a pattern, used in church glass art, also known as casement glass.  In the Byzantine Empire, Mosaic with the rise of Christianity and the development of the church and palace fresco form.  Mosaic today refers to this type of colorful visual effect.  


Features of Mosaic tiles:  


One, Mosaic ceramic tile has environmental protection sex.  Mosaic of shell Mosaic, marble, jade Mosaic is to use pure natural raw material to make, do not join any harmful material in processing process.  In today's pursuit of environmental protection, the pursuit of natural times, these natural materials made of Mosaic tiles to meet the concept of environmental protection.  


Two, Mosaic tile has a strong decorative.  Mosaic tiles use the form of Mosaic to strengthen its decorative, Mosaic materials are very rich and color changes, it gradually evolved from the traditional small stone to shell, porcelain, metal, glass and other materials as raw materials.  Mosaic can deduce material itself temperament, emotional appeal incisively and vividly, when decorating interior space, can do the ornament material of other adornment material already, also can large area uses Mosaic background wall;  Can use the gradual change means of Mosaic brick color already, also can use all sorts of geometric arrangement.  


Three, Mosaic with long service life characteristics.  Because the main raw material of Mosaic is natural stone material more, wear resistance respect in it, it is the adornment material such as ceramic tile and wood floor cannot match.  Because the aperture between each small grain of Mosaic brick is more, form its fight stress ability to want to compare other adornment material to have advantage more, this also is Mosaic can all previous course thousand years is changable, take our contemporary life from ancient Roman times, blossom its wonderful.  


Four, Mosaic tile has security.  Have very good prevent slippery sex and wear resistance to make Mosaic brick is widely used at wash bath center, swimming pool, hutch defuses the place such as the space to prevent slippery requirement very high, compare other traditional material already practical beautiful.  


Five, Mosaic ceramic tile provides individuation.  Mosaic tiles let a few like DIY fashion hipster can have more space to show their own creativity.  Additional, Mosaic of a kind of stainless steel is no longer limited in hutch defends a space, do the adornment of setting wall of TV setting, sitting room and bedroom or porch with it, also can have extraordinary effect.