Shell masek


Shell Mosaic products are developed after Mosaic products are widely used. They exist in a special way and solve the disadvantages of traditional Mosaic products.  It is made of pure natural mother-of-pearl shells: white, black, yellow, abalone, ox ear, pink shell and so on to form a relative big brick or (slice).  Its surface crystal, gougeous colors, high and attractive, sending out the breath from nature, its natural and environmental protection, can let consumers away from formaldehyde pollution, radiation, favored by people, and therefore is widely used in, setting metope and ground of indoor small area the size of indoor metope and shell as a decorative panel, furniture surface decoration, handicrafts, clothing accessories,  Also can make it conch ceramic tile, conch marble to wait at the same time, to traditional Mosaic, it is the product that has individual character and new vitality.