Natural Shell Mesh Seamless Shell Mosaic


Shell Mosaic is a kind of natural shell material;  Shell Mosaic is used to decorate furniture.  It is the most new-style building materials decoration material, there are a lot of people on the market at present using this kind of decoration material.  Environmental protection: shell Mosaic comes from the deep sea, from nature.  No radiation or contamination.  There is no smell after decoration.  Keep consumers away from harmful substances such as formaldehyde.  In line with contemporary people's healthy life, healthy consumption of life experience;  Water absorption rate is low moistureproof good: shell Mosaic density is high.  0% water absorption, so it has good moisture resistance.  Because do not mix water, plus hard texture.  Shell Mosaic does not appear deformation and other phenomena;  High stability is guaranteed.  Color: pure natural texture, color and luster remain constant;  According to their own needs, can be dyed into the desired color and template.  Individual character is costly: shell Mosaic no matter is set on the wall, still shop is on the floor.  Whether it is used for handicraft manufacturing or ornament in furniture.  All enjoy showing the noble and elegant personality temperament;  Radiate dignity and character;  Widely used: hotel, accessories, word flat, exhibition, family, KTV, bar and so on.