The benefits of shell Mosaic


1, no radiation, no pollution shell Mosaic she comes from the deep sea, from nature.  No radiation and pollution, decoration will not smell, so that consumers away from formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients, in line with the contemporary people's "healthy life, healthy consumption" life concept.  2, water absorption rate is low, moistureproof good shell Mosaic density is high, 0% water absorption rate, so has good moistureproof performance.  Because do not seep water, add quality of a material hard, shell Mosaic will not appear to be out of shape and so on phenomenon, ensured extremely high quality stability.  3, the color is always gorgeous pure natural surface of seashells with natural texture and luster, do not fade, do not change color, product color can withstand the test of time, and through natural light, lighting and other irradiation, shell surface color is more gorgeous.  Different angles will have different visual sense of light, each piece of shells combined together to reflect the mystery of the ocean.  Thus have the decorative effect.  4, small size, light weight shell Mosaic is composed of small single piece, small size, light material.  Compared with stone Mosaic, ceramic Mosaic, glass Mosaic, it is easier to lay and paste.