What is yellow tiger eye stone


The Hindus call them sacred stones  

Yellow tights eye stone is one of the most common "tiger eye stone" or "tiger's eye", tiger eyes stone a vein or size of the lens from central fracture zone or both sides, ore show fine granules mixed structure or fibrous structure, block structure, the distribution of blue asbestos is vertical, horizontal, oblique and clusters of blue stones cotton fiber, different direction, noise distribution, due to the late limonite, the tiger eye stone yellowish-brown,  It has strong cat eye effect.  The yellow tiger eye stone is regarded as the most noble symbol of the holy stone in India, the ore is the industry rock, so there are neat crystals, and then reflect the bright light like the cat's eye, generally black and yellow color, like the grain of the tiger.  

The spiritual function of yellow tiger eye 

1.often think of many plans, but never put into action, it is recommended to wear tiger eye stone ornaments, will be able to inspire confidence, courage and implementation ability.  When you are in trouble with your relationship and want to avoid conflict, you can wear the tiger's Eye stone. It is a life-saving protection stone for people who are easily affected by negative energy and are not good at getting along with people.  


2.for qi and blood weak, timid and dare not face reality, can enhance the vitality and vitality of the body, enhance self-confidence, dare to accept difficulties and challenges;  For difficulties, difficult to adhere to the holder, help to re-examine the situation, make a clear, decisive judgment and action.  

3. The energetic energy like the eye of a tiger can make it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their career, enhance their leadership and persuasion ability, dissolve the villains around them, understand self-discipline, dissolve pressure to achieve goals, play the power of Kings, fame and wealth.  

4.For those who are afraid of the dark, timid and dare not walk at night, they can strengthen their aura, courage and exorcism.  

5. It brings clarity to the mind and improves the career prospects. In particular, stimulating to individuals to engage in free employment, or to run their own shops, improves concentration and resilience, thereby maintaining mental agility.  

6.golden yellow tiger eye stone is also a symbol of wealth, evocation of evil fortune, help to attract unexpected wealth or partial wealth.